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Fund Farms Feed Folks



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Eco Enterprisers

Fund Farms to Feed Folks

Eco Enterprisers' are Solving

Big Problems 

Join Our Crowdfunding Campaign to Acquire
Farmland to Feed Folks in Need 

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Eco Enterprisers is on an urgent mission to address the pressing issues of hunger and homelessness. With San Diego's precious farmland quickly dwindling and land prices skyrocketing, time is of the essence. In the idyllic year-round growing climate of San Diego, California, we're spearheading a pilot project to combat these challenges.

Our immediate goal is to secure funding to acquire  hundreds of acres. This land will serve a dual purpose: first, to cultivate locally sourced, nutrient-dense organic food to alleviate hunger; second, to create farmettes that will be offered to capable, green-thumbed individuals experiencing homelessness. This initiative empowers them to farm and earn an income, ultimately contributing to the well-being of those in need.

Moreover, our farms extend a warm invitation to the community. We provide a venue for picnics, cooking demonstrations, and offer the opportunity to purchase beautiful cut flower bouquets, aromatic culinary herbs, and fresh, organic veggies. These activities not only enrich the lives of those who partake but also directly support our mission of acquiring and maintaining vital farmland.

Time is running out, and the need is dire. Join us in our urgent quest to secure farmland, feed the hungry, empower the homeless, and create vibrant community spaces. Together, we can make a lasting impact on San Diego County and beyond.

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Captain Lisa - Founder    

Captain Lisa, a retired sea Captain, is at the helm of all things Eco inspirational Eco Enterprisers and Festive Farmettes, Inc.. a CA nonprofit she founded to help ease the hunger challenges, starting in San Diego.  Lisa has been farming in San Diego since 2019 and knows first hand how challenging it is to find affordable farmland in San Diego County. Her South Bay farm served as the prototype for Festive Farmettes, where she invited folks in need to pick-your-own veggies at her farm 7 days a week.

Many gardeners volunteered at Captain Lisa's farm, which further verified her prototype's success. It's not surprising people want to get out in nature and help their community.

Board of Directors, Officers, Staff, Field Techies Needed!

Join Our Community Today


Does This Sound Like You?

There are dozens of volunteer positions to fill to see this project to success. Once enough funds have been raised, all positions will be salaried. Those who take positions now as volunteers, upon review, may potentially be at the front of the line to keep their positions when it is time to upgrade to nonprofit industry standard salaries.

Initially we need the Board of Directors (3-9), the Secretary and the Treasurer so we can file our Bylaws with the IRS 1023 form to request 501(c)(3) status. We expect approval in mid 2024. In the meantime, we are crowdfunding to buy, lease and sharecrop farmland throughout San Diego County because the need is real now. 

  • If You Have 10 hours/week free to assist... 
  • Live in San Diego County or nearby...
  • Are at least 18 years old...
  • Are Eco minded and enjoy helping others...
  • Please Contact Us to Participate...

Let's Buy Farmland!

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Join Our Team

As stated above, many positions are open for volunteers to help. Please inquire about the complete list of positions. 

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